Soup Can Inspired Pencil Holder

My desk is always unorganized and I can never seem to find any pencils, even though I know I have at least ten hidden somewhere! So, here is the solution to end all desk clutter:

The Can Pencil Holder


Surprising simple–only 4 steps to a cleaner desk (and finished in roughly 20 minutes)!

Materials Needed:


  • Can (Washed and label-less. Preferably still a little sticky from the label)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Coordinating Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Beans or rice (optional)

Step 1:


Cut the wrapping paper to fit around the can. Depending on how much metal of the can you want showing, your paper will be wider or skinnier than mine.

It can be hard to cut the paper to fit the can just the way you want. Use the leftover stickiness on the can to keep the paper in place, and then roll it up in wrapping paper. If your paper is too wide, press the too-wide wrapping paper over the edge of the can. This will create an imprint in the paper which you can then use as a guide to cut it off.

Step 2:


Once you have perfected the wrapping paper, unroll it and tape the end down, even if you have the leftover sticky. This will ensure the paper will not move throughout the next step.

Step 3:


Roll the can back up with the wrapping paper. Using your hot glue gun, glue the end of the paper onto the can.

Step 4:


Cut the ribbon to your desired length, wrap it around the can, and double knot it. Then, tie the remaining string into a bow. To prevent the bow from coming undone or moving, put a dab of hot glue behind the knot of the bow, and press the bow down to secure it in place.

My picture displays the glue before I pressed the bow’s knot into it.

Step 5: (optional) 

Fill your can with an inch or so of rice/beans. This prevents noise when you drop your pens in the can, and it limits the pens and pencils from moving.

Now you can say goodbye to your untidy desk, and give your pens and pencils a new home! Enjoy!


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