Classic Throw Pillows

We got a new couch. Yay! Unfortunately, the pillows it came with did not match our living room and the sales people said new ones would cost $70 each… So, I took on the task of making new pillows.


These classic throw pillows are simple to make and very strait forward.



  • Fabric washed and dried, and cut to desired size. Give yourself some leeway and cut the fabric big enough for 1-inch seams
  • Stuffing, a few bags. I used 1.5 (24 oz) polyester fiber fill for 2 medium sized pillows. You use a lot more stuffing than anticipated, so buy extra. You could use a pillow, but stuffing is generally cheaper.
  • Needle for hand sewing the pillow closed
  • Thread for sewing the pillow closed, so coordinating thread looks best
  • Pins
  • Scissors 

Step 1:


Align your fabric with the backside showing and pin them together. If you’re using “flimsy” fabric (like the green pillow in my first picture), which is generally harder to sew with, pin the pins closer together to help you sew.

Remember: leave one side non-pinned. You want to pin 3 sides completely and then on the 4th side, leave the center (5 inches or so-enough to fit a handful of stuffing into) open and pin free.

Step 2:


Zig-zag your fabric together with 1-inch seams. The thread you use should be coordinating.

Remember: leave the 5-inch not pinned section not sewed

Step 3:


Cut both sides of the fabric, leaving 3 centimeters or so, from the seam on all 4 corners. This will help limit clumping when the pillow is turned right side out and make stuffing the corners easier.

Step 4:


Turn the pillow right side out. Before you begin stuffing, iron the fold in the open “hole” of the pillow. This will  tremendously help you during step 5. Next, stuff it! Make sure to really fill in the corners- no one wants “dead corners.” Once you think you have enough stuffing, add more.

Then, add even more.

For the pillow above, I used 3/4 of a 24 oz bag, and it’s only medium sized. I could have used more even! Over stuffing (if that even exists) is a much better problem than under stuffing. If a pillow doesn’t have enough stuffing, it will quickly become “clumpy” and gross.

Step 5:


Pin the opening closed. Your ironed folds should make this easier. Then, hand stitch it closed using even stitching and thread that blends in with your fabric. If you make stitches of various sizes, they will be more noticeable, which is not desirable.

And now you have lovely pillows (and I have some to match my living room and new couch!)


4 thoughts on “Classic Throw Pillows

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  2. Callie! I love your blog – you left a comment on hellohydrangea about my chevron pillow that you retried and i jumped over here hoping to see a picture. when you post it will you leave a comment letting me know?? I can’t wait!

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