Christmas Tree Inspired Photography


It is, sadly, that time of year. When Christmas has ended, snow is still on the ground, and there are plenty of decorations to take down. I am always surprised by how quickly people move on to the next holiday. After months of preparations and anticipation for Christmas, mere days after the 25th stores start displaying supplies for Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day. Our neighborhood is littered with Christmas trees on the curb, awaiting to be picked up and taken away. We boxed up all of our ornaments, sent out our letters, and took down our wreath.

The lone ornament reminded me of all this. It is a wonder that one object can evoke such emotion! Anyways, as I was walking around the block-as I so often do in hopes for inspiration-I found this ornament lying on someone’s sidewalk. Forgotten. Now looking at this photograph, it reminds me that Christmas is over and people are moving on, preparing for their next event.

Well, I hope you all had a blessed holiday as I did and were able to enjoy nature’s beauty and time with family.

Merry Christmas!

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