Remnant Inspired Pillows

As I mentioned earlier, we recently bought a new couch which lacks both pillows and pizzazz. I started by making classic throw pillows, and had whole bunch of fabric leftover. I didn’t want to waste any fabric (or add to my collection of random fabric strips), so I set out to find pillows to make with remnants on I found and made these pillows:

Felt Circle Pillow

Although this pillow is not made from remnants, it does give a couch (or room) pizzazz! Plus, I ended up with a good amount of fabric from each color leftover when I was done, which I plan on using to make another pillow.

The tutorial to make a felt circle pillow can be found on Vidya’s blog, Whats Ur Home Story.



  • Really do sew the circle close together (closer than you think), in different directions, and in the corners. As you can see in my picture, I have some cream background peeking through. I don’t mind this look, but I could have sewn them closer and fit a few more circle in.
  • The tutorial pillow uses only yellow felt, but I used olive green and mustard yellow. For a fun, new look, add even more colors! Just be sure to mix up the order when you sew them down.

Chevron Pillow

I love the way this pillow turned out! And, I was able to use some remnants from both the felt circle pillow and the classic throw pillow.

The tutorial to make a chevron pillow can be found on Lindsey’s blog, hello hydrangea.



  • I think my pillow turned out a lot smaller than it was supposed to. I think I made my chevron pattern (which I made out of an old cereal box) smaller than the tutorial. So, depending on how big or small of a pillow you are hoping for, adjust your pattern accordingly. 
  • Use a ruler to line up the chevrons before you pin and sew them down. This will avoid crooked lines and make the pillow look nicer.

Both the chevron and felt circle pillows take a while to sew, which can only be expected given the many parts that need sewing! Just a head’s up. But, the time spent is totally worth it! These two pillows are by far my favorite!

After making both these pillows, I still had extra fabric! So I messed around with the scraps and made these two pillows:

Horizontal Striped Pillow

The tutorial to make this pillow is below.


Step-by-step tutorial:

IMG_4497 copy

Step 1: Cut the remnants into strips, all of equal lengths.

IMG_4501 copy

Step 2: Pin the strips together, face to face, and then diagonal stitch them together.

IMG_4512 copy

Step 3: Cut out a back for the pillow, roughly the same size as the stripes.

IMG_4518 copy

Step 4: Pin the front and back together, face to face, and diagonal stitch them together.

Leave a 6 inch opening in the middle of a side not sewed (see step 5 picture) to use for stuffing.

IMG_4532 copy

Step 5: Stuff the pillow. Stuff some more. Be sure to really stuff the corners. Then stuff even more. If you didn’t catch my drift, you need to use a lot more stuffing that you think is necessary.

IMG_4534 copy

Step 6: Pin the opening closed and hand stitch it closed.

For a more thorough tutorial, check out the classic throw pillows.

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